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The Wizarding Playground (FIC & ART COMMUNITY)

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Nov. 17th, 2005 | 01:50 am
Puppy says he feels like:: cheerful cheerful
posted by: x_remuslupin_x in wizard_rugrats

This is the first entry and introductions are in order when Sirius and Regulus meet Remus Lupin for the first time at the Wizarding Playground. Just when things look bad, James shows up to liven up the mood only to have it ruined by not only one Lestrange, but two. They aren't the only ones that show up, making for quite the interesting afternoon.

The First Adventure: Meet Remus Lupin

“SIRI!” Regulus Black wailed as his older brother stole his favorite stuffed puppy. “Give it back!”

The three-year-old gave his six-year-old brother chase, trying not to fall in the sand as he tried to keep up with him. Sirius snickered as he ran around the sandbox holding the puppy over his head.

“Can’t catch me! Can’t catch me!” Sirius chanted as he ran.

Regulus whimpered as he stumbled and ended up face first in the icky sandy mess.

Sirius stopped and doubled over with laughter. The mess on his little brother’s face was perfectly funny, as every bit of torture that he provided proved to be. Regulus pushed himself onto his rump, rubbing at the sand on his face and in his messy black hair.

“You aren’t very nice,” a soft voice commented from the other side of the sandbox.

Sirius spun around to glare at the person that dared to get in the middle of his teasing of Regulus. Sitting on the other side of the sandbox was a little boy with sandy brown hair that looked close to Sirius’s age, but obviously a year or so younger.

“He’s my brother. I can do what I wanna do,” Sirius said, stomping his foot.

The other boy shook his head. “You’re a bit of a bully, aren’t you?”

Regulus inched closer and snatched his puppy from Sirius while his brother was properly distracted. He hugged the toy tightly, watching his brother and the new boy curiously.

“You’re a bit nosy, aren’t you?” Sirius retorted.

The brown-haired boy shrugged. “You shouldn’t be mean, is all.” He went back to playing in the sandbox, clearly dismissing Sirius.

Sirius fumed at the boy. How dare he tell him what to do! Sirius went across the box to the little boy’s side and stomped all over the sand that he had been playing with.

“Hey!” The brown-haired boy protested, giving Sirius a small glare. “Meanie!”

Regulus watched with wide eyes, still hugging his stuffed puppy, but having placed his thumb into his mouth as he watched. He was sure his big brother was going to beat up this other boy like he usually beat up Regulus.

“You should’ve kept your mouth shut,” Sirius said, crossing his arms across his chest.

The brown-haired boy got up and gave Sirius a good push, sending him backwards into the sand. “You’re just a big bully!”

Sirius’s eyes widened as his bottom hit the sand full force. He scrambled to his feet quickly and shoved the other little boy with all of his strength. The little boy went tumbling out of the sandbox and ended up on his back in the grass next to the box. He got up, rubbing his bottom. He fixed Sirius with a new glare and went back into the sandbox, picking up a handful of sand and throwing it right in Sirius’s face.

Sirius let out a high-pitched wail. He flailed his arms in terror of getting dirty. After a moment of brushing as much sand from his hair and face as he could manage he reached out to grab a clump of the brown-haired boy’s hair. The boy squeaked in surprise and tried to hit Sirius, pulling back on Sirius’s hair.

“Remus Lupin! What on Earth are you doing to that little boy?!” a woman’s voice suddenly shrieked.

Remus let go of Sirius quickly and all of a sudden, his amber colored eyes became brimmed with tears and he turned up to his mother, with a whimper. It was clear he was going to play up the innocent routine for his mother.

“Mummy! He’s pulling on my hair!” Remus wailed.

“You threw sand in my face!” Sirius said angrily. “You pushed me!”

“Mummy! Make him let go of my hair!” Remus continued to wail. “He stomped all over my sand castle, Mummy!”

From the other side of the sandbox, Regulus Black was giggling behind the thumb he was sucking on.

Sirius stuck out his tongue at Remus, ignoring the mother. It wasn’t his so he didn’t have a single reason to care about her. “You’re not allowed to tell me what to do. You stupid head!”

Remus whimpered and resumed trying to pull on Sirius’s own hair, ignoring his mother’s protests.

“Sirius Black, take your hands off that little boy this instant,” came a new, much calmer and colder voice.

Sirius froze instantly, and dropped Remus’s hair. He backed away a few steps from Remus and stared down at his feet. Remus rubbed at his head, looking briefly at the woman who was obviously Sirius’s mother.

“If you cannot act like a proper young man we will return home, understood?” Mrs. Black continued.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sirius muttered softly.

Just as quickly as she had appeared, Sirius’s mother was gone, having returned to wherever it was that parents vanished to while their children played. Even Remus’s mother had left, as it seemed the fight was under control.

Regulus got up and went over to his brother, hugging his puppy with one hand and reaching out to tug lightly on Sirius’s sleeve with his other. Sirius looked up and then down at Regulus.

“What’s up?” he asked, as if he hadn’t been acting meek and submissive just a moment before.

“Play with me?” Regulus asked, tugging a bit on Sirius’s sleeve.

“Okay. What do you want to play?” Sirius asked.

“Lets build a big castle!” Regulus declared, plopping down in the sand. He sat his puppy down beside him and started to make a mound before him.

“Okay,” Sirius repeated sitting down with his brother. He helped his little brother add more sand to the pile.

Remus watched curiously for a moment before shuffling closer to the two brothers. “Um…um…can I play too?”

Sirius shrugged, but refused to look at him. He was still mad because Remus had gotten him dirty. Regulus though, beamed up at Remus with his big slate blue eyes.

“Okay!” Regulus declared.

Remus smiled and sunk down in the sand beside the two brothers, adding sand to the growing pile.

As the pile kept growing, the trio seemed to be getting along just fine. The castle kept getting bigger with little towers and sticks for flags coming out of the tops. When it seemed the peaceful moment could not possibly last a moment longer a dark shadow appeared over their castle and suddenly another little boy landed in the castle with a cheer.


Sirius jumped up and waved the flying dirt off him. “James Potter, I hate you!” he growled, shaking a fist at the newcomer.

Remus let out a startled squeak as the sand was sprayed everywhere and Regulus suddenly burst into tears when the castle was destroyed.

James looked between the other boys and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Umm…sorry?”

Sirius grumbled furiously and shoved James onto his backside. He turned to Regulus and patted him on the head. “It’s okay, I beat up the stupid git for you,” he told his little brother.

Regulus stopped crying, looking up at Sirius with puffy pink eyes. He rubbed at his now runny nose with his sleeve. “He gots sand all over Puppy.”

Sirius looked at the puppy sitting next to Regulus and picked it up to properly clean it off with his hand. “Here all better.”

The last bit of tears left Regulus and he smiled once again, happily hugging his puppy and easily forgetting that the castle had been destroyed. Remus on the other hand, was still staring at James in surprise.

“That wasn’t very nice…” He finally told James.

James grumbled and sat up. “It was supposed to be funny. You were supposed to laugh.”

“Don’t you know any other words than mean and not nice?” Sirius grumbled, crossing his arms in his friend’s defense.

“Well, well, y-yes!” Remus declared in a small sputter, looking between the two dark-haired boys. “You’re both just acting very, um, mean!”

“You’re just a whiny little stupid head!” Sirius retorted.

James just blinked and looked between the pair. He wasn’t quite sure what he’d missed. He still didn’t know who the new kid was.

“I am not a stupid head! You’re a stupid head!” Remus bit back.

Regulus looked up, watching what he was sure was going to be another fight. He tugged on the bit of Sirius’s shorts that he could reach. “Siri, dun beat up the boy again, please.”

Sirius blinked and looked down at Regulus. “He’s being a stupid head!”

James leaned over to Remus, whom he could already tell was probably not just a stupid head. “Sorry that he’s being a stupid head,” he whispered.

Remus blinked in surprise. “Um…it’s okay. I threw sand at him and he screamed like a girl. It was kind of funny.”

“Sirius hates dirt. I think he’s allergic to it and when he gets dirty he turns into a girl with cooties,” James said, looking rather serious about the matter.

Remus’s eyes widened. “Really?”

James nodded rapidly.

Luckily for them both, Sirius was distracted by Regulus’s continued insistence that he shouldn’t beat up Remus. He grumbled and sank back down next to Regulus on the sand with his arms crossed just under his chin with a deep pout.

Regulus offered Sirius the puppy, practically shoving it in Sirius’s face. “Puppy says cheer up, Siri!”

Sirius stuck his tongue out at the puppy grumpily. Regulus beamed and returned to hugging his puppy, before getting up from the sand.

“I’m gonna go play over there,” Regulus told his big brother, motioning to the large wooden play set with the puppy.

Sirius didn’t move, as he was too busy complaining that everyone hated him under his breath.

James shrugged and looked over at Remus. “Wanna play tag?”

Remus nodded. “Okay!”

Regulus wobbled out of the sandbox and headed toward the play set. James jumped up and bopped Remus upside the head, as subtlety was not something that he had mastered (ever).

“Tag, you’re it!” James laughed and ran towards the play set as quickly as his little feet would take him.

Regulus yelped as James almost bowled into him and he stumbled out of the destructive boy’s path, ending up on his rump in the grass. Apparently, the three-year-old didn’t mind so much that he had fallen, as long as he still had his toy clutched tightly in his arms. “AH! Dun run me over!”

Remus rubbed his head for a brief moment before he made chase after James, much more careful of the littlest boy and easily avoiding Regulus. James was oblivious and laughed tauntingly at Remus.

“You can’t catch me. You can’t catch me!”

From behind the taunting James came a sudden pair of snickers. Two black-haired, brown-eyed boys gave James a push and laughed with glee as he was knocked over. The two obvious brothers looked almost like twins, as they were identical save one was just slightly shorter and a year younger.

“Ha, Ha, we caught you!”

James went head over feet backwards as he was knocked over. He whimpered slightly holding his head. “Owie…” he cried softly as he rubbed his head.

Remus stopped behind James, offering his newfound friend a hand. “Are you okay?” He asked softly.

The two brothers sniggered, but it was short lived as Regulus had finally continued his trek to the play set and stopped before the two.

“You shouldn’t play so rough,” Regulus said matter-of-factly behind his stuffed toy.


“Who asked you, little brat?” the bigger of the two brothers asked, before giving Regulus a rough shove as well.

Regulus let out a whimper as he was pushed and as he hit the ground he let out a terrible wail. “SIIIIIIRRRIIIIUS!”

The younger of the brothers reached out and snatched Regulus’s stuffed puppy, holding it up over his head. This of course, sent Regulus into an even further fit of wails.

“GIVE IT BACK!” Regulus cried. “BIG BROTHER!”

Sirius was a black blur that swooped down on the older of the two, pouncing on him. He kicked and grabbed at the boy’s hair, going so far as to bite him a few times as well.

“Don’t touch my little brother!” Sirius yelled as he fought.

The older brother flailed back, trying to avoid some of the kicks as well as to return some of his own. They rolled about in a tangle of limbs both connecting hits and bites as they fought.

Meanwhile, James had pulled himself to his feet and had pounced on the younger brother. He freed the puppy from the mean boy and laughed victoriously. Remus watched from a few feet away, clearly choosing to stay out of this little tussle.

The younger black-haired brother wailed when the puppy was taken from him. “HEY! GIVE IT BACK, POTTER!”

Regulus watched from behind his hands that covered his eyes, gasping and ooh-ing every time Sirius landed a successful hit.

James stuck his tongue out at the boy and ran off, pausing to wag his fingers at the boy. “You stink! You’re a stupid head. You stink!” He snickered and took off again before the little boy could get him.

The younger brother didn’t bother to chase James. Instead, he took up a giant rock and threw it at James’s head. Regulus gasped as he saw the rock fly through the air.

“Watch out, Jamie!” Regulus whimpered before quickly covering his eyes with his hands again.

Naturally James didn’t see the rock coming in time. He spun around and the rock hit him dead in the forehead. He fell back onto his back with a dull thump (you know empty head). Remus gasped, watching with wide eyes. These were rather violent children, weren’t they? The younger brother laughed maniacally with glee and went over to James’s fallen form to snatch the puppy once more.

Of course, it seemed the youngest boy at the playground finally had enough. Regulus got to his feet and ran over to James as well, snatching his puppy before the other boy could.

“You can’t have Puppy, Bas-tan!” Regulus declared matter-of-factly.


Remus offered James a hand, frowning at him. “It’s okay…um…it isn’t bleeding…um…too bad…” He tried.

The other boy tried to snatch the puppy regardless of what Regulus was saying, but before he could do more than grab a fistful of puppy ear, a swarm of mothers rushed over.


Behind her came the next mother. “SIRIUS BLACK! REGULUS BLACK!”

“REMUS JOHN LUPIN!” Then came the next mother.

And finally the final one yelled, “JAMES POTTER!”


Sirius and Rodolphus froze mid fight. Sirius had his foot in Rodolphus’s face and was gnawing on his arm. Rodolphus had managed to take a good chunk of Sirius’s hair in one hand and was attempted to bite Sirius’s leg.

Remus yelped and let go of James’s arm, letting him fall back flat on his face (“Owie…”). Rabastan released the puppy’s ear and Regulus clung tightly to the toy before turning up and running over to his mother, hiding behind her legs.

“Just what is the meaning of this?” Mrs. Lestrange shrieked angrily. She flicked her wand at Rodolphus and sent her oldest son into the air and to a stop right before her.

Rabastan scrambled over quickly before he could be met with a similar embarrassing fate, stopping beside his big brother. Remus was snatched up by the ear and led away from the crazy set of pureblood children, his mother clucking angrily about roughhousing shenanigans and how no son of hers was going to participate in such a thing.

Sirius scrambled to his feet and looked down at his shoes meekly once again. Mrs. Black was obviously not pleased with the state of her oldest son and crossed her arms, which both brothers knew was never a good sign.

“You are filthy, Sirius,” she said disapprovingly. “If you cannot possibly come to this playground without acting like a disgusting Muggle-born, I will make you stay home with Kreacher.”

“No, Mother. I’m so sorry, Mother,” Sirius said, looking up at her worriedly.

Regulus tugged on a bit of his mother’s dress, something Sirius would have never dared, but the youngest was able to get away with it. He gave her large innocent eyes.

“Oh, but Mummy, Siri was saving Puppy from R-R-Rod-ol-fuss and B-Bas-tan!” Regulus explained, gnawing on his bottom lip for good measure.

Mrs. Black sighed, still obviously not pleased regardless by her son’s antics. “If I see one more step out of line we will go home, understand?”

“Yes, Mother,” Sirius said softly looking back down at his shoes.

Satisfied, Mrs. Black moved away from her children once more, joining Mrs. Lestrange who had just finished giving her own sons their proper and deserved dress-down.

Mrs. Potter was loudly informing James that his own antics were completely terrible and that when they got home she was going to tell his father. James simply laid there, not listening to her. His mother always healed his cuts and scrapes whenever she yelled at him, so as long as he didn’t say anything naughty then he would feel better.

Once all of the mothers had finally left them in peace once again, Sirius plopped down next to his best friend on the sand. “I hate those guys,” he muttered.

“Yeah. Def-ley hate them,” James echoed. He hadn’t moved since his mother had left, and he was still on his back.

Regulus sunk down beside Sirius, hugging his puppy. “Are you okay, Siri?”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine,” Sirius said, waving off the concern.

Regulus looked around. “What happened to the other boy?”

“His Mum told him to go play over there,” Sirius said pointing off in the direction they went in.

“Oh. Can we go play wit him again?” Regulus asked.

“If you want.”

Regulus nodded and got up, reaching for Sirius’s hand. Sirius got up and looked down at James.

“Come on, you git. Let’s go find the other boy and tell him we’re sorry for getting him in trouble,” Sirius said.

James got up as well and nodded. “Okay.”

Regulus held his big brother’s hand as they made their way across the playground to where Remus currently sat. His mother had insisted that he would remain within arms grasp which meant the only other little child to play with was a small black-haired boy with dark brown eyes. He was sitting a bit away from Remus, obviously trying to ignore the otherwise chipper brown-haired boy.

Sirius and James both sat down on either side of Remus, purposely ignoring the other boy.

“Hi,” they said in unison.

“Um…um…hullo,” Remus said softly.

Regulus beamed, standing directly in front of Remus. “Puppy wants to play with you!”

“Um…okay…” Remus said, looking between the three black-haired boys.

“What are we going to play?” Sirius asked Regulus.

Regulus happily sat down in front of Remus, looking over at his big brother. “Puppy wants to play hide and seek!”

Sirius looked at James, and both boys shrugged. “Okay.”

Regulus beamed and got up again. “Okay! Siri is it!” He looked at Remus and reached out, taking his hand and pulling him to his feet. “Come on, come on boy! You hafta hide!”

Remus blinked, getting to his feet. “Oh…um…okay…”

The two friends shrugged again before James got up and ran off to hide. Sirius covered his eyes and started to count slowly. Regulus tugged Remus to hide with him, going and hiding behind the play set. Regulus let go of Remus’s hand and climbed up to hide by the slide.

“Two…one…All right I’m coming now!” Sirius yelled before he hopped up and started looking around. He grumbled a bit when it wasn’t immediately apparent where they all were. He started for the play set as knew Regulus was rather fond of it.

Remus peeked out from behind the play set. When he saw Sirius going for where his brother was, Remus started to run across the playground to where the safe base was. Regulus let out a squeak when he saw his brother approach and quickly slid down the slide, trying to run away from him.

Sirius pointed at both boys, shouting, “Ah ha!” He chased after them both as quickly as he could.

Remus ran all the way back to the base, almost falling over the black-haired boy that was still playing by himself. He laughed the entire way, skidding to a stop with a victorious cheer. Regulus, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly so lucky. He scrambled away from Sirius as fast as his little legs would carry him, almost making it to the base had he not dropped his puppy.

“Ah! Puppy!” He whimpered, turning to tug the toy off the ground by one of its floppy ears.

Sirius reached out and grabbed Puppy by it’s other ear tugging both the puppy and the owner towards him. “Gotcha!”

Regulus looked at his brother with wide eyes, gasping and looking on the verge of tears. “No fair!” He wailed.

“Yeah huh. I caught you,” Sirius said, putting his hands on his hips.


“Now its your turn to be it,” Sirius replied with a nod.

Regulus tilted his head before letting go of his toy. “Okay, but Puppy wants to hide with you.”

Sirius looked at the dog and let out a long suffering sigh. “Fine.”

Regulus beamed and ran over to where Remus was, giving him a light push so that he could properly count while they hid. Of course, being only three, Regulus couldn’t exactly count.


“That’s not right,” came the sudden angry voice from just a few feet away.

Regulus stopped, peeking from behind his hands to look over at the black-haired boy. “H-Huh?”

“Don’t you know how to count?” the boy asked, arching his brow at Regulus.

“Um…um…um…I…um…I…” Regulus sputtered.

The boy shook his head. “They must make you count because they can get far away while you’re trying to figure out how to count to ten.”

Regulus frowned, gnawing on his bottom lip. “I know how to count!”

“Oh really then. Is that what you call saying numbers out of order?”

Regulus’s bottom lip started to tremble. “I…I…I…” Tears filled his eyes as he stared at the rather mean black-haired boy.

“You aren’t very bright.”

Regulus looked around, ready to cry out for his brother, the hero, to come beat up the mean boy. When he didn’t see Sirius within eyesight, he decided to just go right up to the older boy and kicked him in the shin.

“OW!” The black-haired boy exclaimed, holding his shin in pain. “You stupid git!” He retorted immediately by shoving Regulus hard.

Regulus’s rump hit the ground and he let out one of his terrible wails. “OWWWWIIEEE!”

Sirius popped his head out from behind a tree and rushed over to his brother. “What happened, Reg?” he asked, helping him up.

Regulus got up with Sirius’s help, hugging onto his brother tightly. He pointed to the other boy with a whimper. “H-H-He’s p-picking o-on m-me.”

“What are you doing to my brother, Sniffly?”

Sniffly, or better known as Severus Snape, looked indignant. “He is acting ridiculous. If anyone started this it was him.”

“Nuh uh!” Regulus declared, peeking up from behind his brother. “Sevy said I didn’t know how to count!”

“You don’t,” Snape retorted.

“He doesn’t need to know that,” Sirius snapped. “Regulus can do whatever he likes.”

“You shouldn’t encourage him to be stupid,” Snape growled.

“My brother is not stupid!” Sirius roared, shaking his fist at Snape.

“If he takes after you he is,” Snape snorted, rolling his eyes.

“Why you!” Sirius pounced on Snape, hitting him and tugging on his greasy hair.

Snape growled and tried to fight back kicking and hitting Sirius. They tumbled across the ground kicking up dust. Sirius was obviously stronger than Snape as he pinned him and began hitting him in the stomach.

“You can’t talk to my brother that way,” Sirius bit out between hits.

“Sirius Black…” His mother didn’t need to yell the third time. Sirius hopped off of Snape quickly, immediately moving a few feet away from the troublemaker. He stared down at his feet again and grumbled softly under his breath.

It was clear that Mrs. Black had had enough of her oldest son’s fiascos for the day and she swept over to him, taking a death grip on his ear and tugging on him. “We are going home. Say good-bye to your friends. If you cannot play nicely, you won’t be playing at all.”

“…Bye…” Sirius muttered under his breath, but he didn’t fight back. He knew better than to try that.

Mrs. Snape moved to collect her son, shaking her head. She pulled him to his feet and dragged him over to her side. She didn’t say a thing to her but she smiled pleasantly at the collection of woman that she’d been talking with. “Boys will be boys,” she said before resuming her conversation.

Regulus went over to Snape, having already forgotten about the older boy’s earlier mean words. He gave him a bright smile. “Bye, Sevy!” He beamed before hurrying after his brother and mother. “Siri! Siri! What happened to Puppy?”


“James Potter!” Mrs. Potter called, as she searched for her missing son.

Snoring loudly, James was sprawled out in his hiding place from earlier. Everyone had forgotten about him and he’d finally fallen asleep, as he had nothing better to do while he was waiting. A bit of drool fell into a pool on the ground beside him. At least someone managed to end their day unscathed.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sirius leading Regulus (and Puppy!) to the sandbox.

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From: dream_wia_dream
Date: Nov. 17th, 2005 08:10 pm (UTC)

Awwww...this is so cute and adorable and I've just fallen in love with Sirius protecting his baby brother. *sniffle*

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From: painted_fall
Date: Nov. 17th, 2005 10:03 pm (UTC)

Aw! So cute! ^^

Also, who is that in your icon? The "Don't you wish your werewolf..." one?

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Remus Lupin

From: x_remuslupin_x
Date: Nov. 19th, 2005 03:54 am (UTC)

Me! erm, me as Remus that is ^_^;;

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From: painted_fall
Date: Nov. 19th, 2005 04:07 am (UTC)

xD Wow, seriously? That's cool. I want to do that. I don't look like any character, though. What a shame.

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Catherine / cdkobasiuk

From: cdkobasiuk
Date: Nov. 17th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)

This was really fun.


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From: emerson_fangirl
Date: Nov. 20th, 2005 12:49 am (UTC)

Absolutely ADORABLE!

Little Remmie was so huggable. <3

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From: silent_cynic
Date: Nov. 20th, 2005 08:24 am (UTC)

Awww cute. Hehehe. And I love your pic, the puppy looks like Pepperoni from this show I watched when I was a kid- 'Stickin' Around'. Lol brings me back to old times. :) Remus was too cute. And I love how protective Sirius is, it's adorable.

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From: cooljade
Date: Nov. 20th, 2005 11:56 pm (UTC)

*shriek* aaaaa that's so cute!!! i can't believe it! will there be more? maybe even a baby love story!! and and and... and regulus is just too adorable! he reminds me totally of the kid i babysit (as well as james)! he used to say auwah (german version of owie) b/c he didn't know to say 'it hurts'. so it was always 'my leg auwah~~! *sniff*' and remus is such a... serious kid! *giggles madly* poor sirius! didn't he ever get away with being cute? getting scoulded by cold cold mrs. black for protecting his little brother!

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Remus Lupin

From: x_remuslupin_x
Date: Nov. 21st, 2005 03:31 pm (UTC)

yes! There is lots more to come! I should have the next adventure posted before the end of this week.

Look for it! They go on a hunt for buried treasure! =^-^=

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From: shipchan
Date: Nov. 23rd, 2005 03:35 am (UTC)

Cute! Will there be another one?

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Remus Lupin

From: x_remuslupin_x
Date: Nov. 23rd, 2005 02:30 pm (UTC)

yes! There are lots to come! I plan to have an update up tomorrow.

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From: music_babii
Date: Dec. 6th, 2005 11:01 pm (UTC)

it's cute! this story is so cute and life like i love it

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From: chalciope
Date: Sep. 5th, 2007 05:38 pm (UTC)

This is so cute! I love Sirius and Regulus!

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