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Nov. 29th, 2005 | 07:04 am
Puppy says he feels like:: amused amused
posted by: x_remuslupin_x in wizard_rugrats

Another post which includes a fresh piece of rugrat art! In which the rugrats (James, Sirius, Remus, & Regulus) go on a hunt for buried treasure!

The Second Adventure: Searching for Treasure

Remus Lupin glanced around the playground curiously. In his arms was the much-loved stuffed puppy that the little black-haired toddler had been playing with just a few days ago. He had found it when he had given up hide and seek to realize that the two Black brothers had left the playground.

Little James Potter toddled over to Remus glad to see that he knew someone nice at the playground that day. The black clad boys from the previous day were there, but he wouldn't play with them if his life depended on it. So he waved happily at Remus and said, "Hallo!"

Remus blinked a few times before offering the boy an almost nervous, "Hullo. Um...I was looking for the mean boy's little brother...um...he dropped this," Remus explained, lifting up the stuffed toy just slightly.

"Sirius isn't here today. Do you wanna play?" James asked.

"Oh...um...okay...sure. What do you want to play?" Remus asked.

"We're going to find treasure!" James exclaimed.

"Treasure? What treasure?" Sirius suddenly appeared behind James with Regulus latched to his arm. "You didn't listen to your Uncle about some crazy idea again, did you?"

Regulus let out a happy squeal suddenly, almost knocking both his brother and Remus over. "PUPPY!" He snatched the toy from Remus's startled arms, hugging it for dear life, the puppy's ear ending up in the three-year-old's mouth. His eyes were slightly pink and puffy and it was clear he had been crying since they had discovered the toy missing.

"Oh...hey. Thanks for saving that," Sirius said giving Remus a grateful smile.

Remus smiled softly. "Um...I could tell it was important."

Sirius nodded rapidly. "Reggie's been miserable since he lost it."

Regulus bobbed his head rapidly, still sucking on one of the toy's floppy ears. Remus chuckled at the sight. The little boy had gone so far as to re-latch himself to Sirius's arm as well.

"So what do you think we're going to do now, James?" Sirius asked, turning his attention back to the other boy.

"We're going to get treasure," James said with a bit of a pout and a glare at Sirius. Sirius never believed him when he said that he'd found some new adventure for them. Though James would never admit that Sirius was usually right.

"Treasure?" Remus asked curiously.

"Yeah! It's totally awesome and it'll be all ours!" James exclaimed. “Because we’re pirates!”

Regulus's eyes lit up and he let the floppy ear from his mouth. "I wanna play too!!"

Remus laughed.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "If you say so," he said with a shrug. Sirius always went along with James's schemes. No matter how stupid they were.

James let out a whooping cheer. "Brilliant. Now we're going to have to make certain that everyone knows their job. Since I know where I'm going I'll be the Captain. Sirius, that makes you my First Mate."

"Um...what about me?" Remus asked almost too quietly to be heard.

"Oh well...umm...you can hold the shovel," James said, shoving said object into Remus's hand. He still held a bucket for if it became necessary to use one.

"Um...o-okay..." Remus said taking the shovel.

"WHAT ABOUT ME?" Regulus asked loudly.

"Well...I suppose that leaves you with the bucket," James said with a shrug. He offered Regulus the bucket.

Regulus gave James a rather snotty look for a three-year-old. "Hold the bucket?"

"You don't have to come," James deadpanned.

Regulus's eyes widened and he turned to his brother, eyes threatening to fill with tears. "But-But-But!"

"Just take the bucket, Reg. You can come with us and help us find the treasure, honestly." Sirius told him, shaking his head at his brother's childishness.

"But I dun wanna just be a bucket-holder! I wanna be something cool too!" Regulus whimpered.

Sirius sighed and rolled his eyes. "Then you should be the look out. We always need one of those."

Remus gave Regulus a small smile. "It's okay...I'm just holding the shovel, see? We've got important jobs..."

Regulus looked between Remus and Sirius. He snatched the bucket from James. "NO! I wanna be the bucket-holder!"

Sirius blinked and looked at Remus curiously before shrugging. "Whatever you say, Reg."

Remus shrugged, chuckling behind his hand at the littlest boy's enthusiasm.
James put his hands on his hips. "Can we go already?"

"Lead the way, oh impatient leader."

James led the way through the playground, taking the three boys to the other side of the playground. He stopped to pull a piece of crumbled up parchment from the pocket of his jumper. The parchment had different colored scribbles all over it and in the center was a giant X.

“All right, we’ve got to get here,” James explained, showing the other three the map briefly.

Sirius eyed the map wearily for a moment, about to protest the validity of said map. He did not have the chance as Remus had leaned in close and was pointing to a spot on the piece of parchment.

“We should start here. Is that why we stopped by this tree? Because that’s what that looks like on the map?” Remus asked James.

James nodded excitedly. “Yeah! Now we have to go this way!” He declared, taking large and calculated steps forward.

Remus followed in step behind him with the two Black brothers right behind him. Regulus had even gone as far as to take ridiculously large steps like James was.

“Treasure, treasure, treasure!” Regulus sang as he want, swinging the bucket from side to side.

Sirius rolled his eyes at his brother, finally moving up to walk beside James. He was his first mate after all. James made a sharp left turn and then another right turn before continuing forward. The four boys talked in heavy accents of the booty they would find and how they would have to all carry it together back to their pirate ship because it was going to be so heavy and plentiful. After what felt like a lifetime, the four boys found themselves at the sandbox (or as James had dubbed it, ‘land ho!’).

“We’ve reached the X!” James declared, making an X in the sand for good measure.

“Now what, captain?” Sirius asked playfully.

“We DIG!!” James exclaimed, dropping down in the sand. He did not bother with the bucket or shovel, happily digging through the sand with his bare hands.

Sirius laughed and plopped down beside him, helping him dig. Remus had the commonsense to use the shovel, but his new friends’ enthusiasm won him over and he ended up forsaking the shovel to dig with his hands as well. Regulus watched them for a moment before merely walking away, carrying on in a grand conversation with Puppy about how exciting it was to be a pirate.

As the three-year-old walked, he came upon one always-grumpy Severus Snape. Snape was sitting under a tree near the collection of gossiping mothers. Regulus happily went over to Snape and plopped down in front of him.

“Hullo, Sevy!” Regulus beamed brightly.

Snape lifted his gaze up briefly before his lip curled in obvious dislike. “What do you want?”

“Will you play with me and Puppy?”

“No I will not play with you or your ridiculous stuffed toy. You should go bury yourself in the sand,” Snape retorted grumpily.

“Bury…myself…in the sand?” Regulus tilted his head at the notion. “Ooooh! How do I do that?”

Snape opened his mouth to bark out another sharp retort of sarcasm, but stopped himself. The faintest hint of a grin formed on his lips. “Well, let me show you.”

Snape crawled to his feet and motioned for Regulus to follow, heading over to the empty sandbox (as the playground had two and Snape did not want to go over to the one where Sirius, James, and Remus were playing). He started to dig a hole in the sand, motioning for Regulus to do the same. The three-year-old easily obliged, eagerly digging away.

Eventually there was a large hole in the sand and Snape pointed to it. “Okay, get in.”

Regulus tilted his head to the side and got in, sitting down in the sand. Snape quickly started to pour sand over Regulus, whose only complaint was if Puppy was going to enjoy being buried in the sand as well. Snape had Regulus shoulder deep in the sand before someone noticed what was going on.

“Just what are you doing to that little boy?” A girl’s voice asked.

Snape looked up with a scowl on his face, staring at a red-haired girl that looked about his age with big green eyes. “I’m burying him in the sand, what does it look like?”

The little girl sputtered. “You can’t just bury someone in the sand!”

“Says who?” Snape retorted with an arched brow.


“And you are supposed to be…?” Snape asked, though it was clear he really did not care one way or the other.

“I’m Lily,” the girl said simply.

“Good for you. Get lost, I’m trying to bury this little idiot before his brother realizes he’s gone,” said Snape, waving her off and clearly dismissing her as he went back to burying Regulus.

Lily sputtered before she turned on her heel, heading over to the other sandbox. She marched right up to Sirius, James, and Remus, who were busy playing pirate with their discovered ‘buried treasure’. She cleared her throat.

“Excuse me, but someone’s little brother is being buried in the sand over there,” Lily said loudly. “Obviously you didn’t notice.”

Sirius blinked, looking up and stopping mid-word. A quick head count confirmed that the little brother was indeed his. “What!”

Lily pointed over to where Snape had Regulus now chin deep in the sand. “That boy buried someone’s little brother. I’m assuming he’s one of yours.”

Sirius jumped to his feet. “That git!”

James climbed to his feet as well. “We’ve got to rescue Regulus from the dreaded Captain Hook-Nose!”

Sirius looked at James in obvious surprise before a grin smeared on his face. “Yeah! Because we’re pirates!”

The two boys high-fived in an exclamation of, “Pirates!” before rushing off to save Regulus. Remus scrambled up after them, offering Lily a small smile in thanks before hurrying behind his newfound friends.

“Wait! Wait for me!”

When Sirius, James, and Remus reached the other sandbox, Snape appeared already ready for them. Snape sneered at them, standing behind Regulus.

“I’ve given you something better to dig through the sand for!” Snape declared.

“Why you!” Sirius exclaimed, leaping into the sandbox to grab at Snape’s throat.

The two boys fell into the sand, wrestling about as Sirius tried to make Snape eat a handful of sand. Remus quickly went to Regulus’s side and started to dig Regulus out.

“Big brother!” Regulus called out once he was halfway out. “Why are you beating Sevy up?”

“Because-“ Sirius grumbled between hits. “He tried to-“ Snape managed to shove a handful of sand into Sirius’s mouth. “Bury youghff-alieff!”

Regulus giggled at the silly sounds his brother was making, applauding for more once his hands were free. Remus just shook his head and finally helped pull Regulus out of the hole. James decided it would be best to break up the fight before their mothers came over and then Sirius got in trouble (again).

A pair of kicks and grumbled curses later and they were pulled apart. Snape moved away from Sirius, trying to get the sand off of his clothes. Sirius was still seething, not yet realizing that he, himself, was covered in sand. Remus inched closer to Sirius, tugging lightly on his hand to pull him away from any further altercations. James grabbed Regulus’s hand and led the youngest Black away, happily singing as they went back to their own sandbox.

“Yo, ho, a Pirate’s life for me!”


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Comments {8}


From: silent_cynic
Date: Dec. 1st, 2005 01:30 am (UTC)

Hahahah that was great. The "dreaded Captain Hook-Nose!” really got me. That was just too good lol...I immediately thought captain hook with a twist...in this case a twist of the nose hehehe. Great stuff!

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Infected with Lupinus

From: nfctdwthlupinus
Date: Dec. 2nd, 2005 01:39 pm (UTC)

I must say: this is the CUTEST damn thing I've ever read! I LOVE these rugrat tales from the playground! Keep it up, they make me warm inside and roar with laughter! :)

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From: caudebac
Date: Dec. 3rd, 2005 02:57 am (UTC)

“Excuse me, but someone’s little brother is being buried in the sand over there,” Lily said loudly. “Obviously you didn’t notice.”

Sirius blinked, looking up and stopping mid-word. A quick head count confirmed that the little brother was indeed his. “What!”


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From: trinityblack
Date: Dec. 4th, 2005 09:53 am (UTC)

I really like the little series you've got going on here... very cute.

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From: cooljade
Date: Dec. 4th, 2005 02:27 pm (UTC)

i loved that scene with lily too :D sirius totally shocked *cackle* but james didn't fall in love with lily!

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Remus Lupin

From: x_remuslupin_x
Date: Dec. 5th, 2005 03:20 pm (UTC)

give him time. He was too interested in his treasure to notice her just yet. =)

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From: skye_bird
Date: Dec. 4th, 2005 03:59 pm (UTC)

I like this idea, it's a lot of fun. I'll def. stick around for some updates! And your art is adorable!

Ever the fangirl,

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From: anonymous
Date: Jan. 22nd, 2006 05:11 am (UTC)



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